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Enable IPv6 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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In this post, Talking about how to enable IPv6 on Oracle Cloud environment and how to assign IPV6 address to your VPS.

(1)Enable IPv6:

  1. Log into your Oracle Cloud account. Choose networking -> Virtual Cloud Networks

  2. Find out your existing VCN (Virtal Cloud Networks), Click it.

  3. You should land on VCN’s Subnets page as show below:


  1. Change to CIDR Blocks page , then click Add IPv6 CIDR Block button to add a new IPv6 block in.


You will get a pop up window to confirm you want to enable ipv6. Click Confirm to continue.

  1. After you confirmed to enable ipv6 support, a new ipv6 segment (/56 block) will be assigned to you.


(2)Create IPv6 Subnet:

1.Click the existing subnet for Resources panel’s Subnets page:


  1. Click edit button then check “Enable IPv6 CIDR Block”


  1. Enter a new HEX character between 00-FF to assign a /64 subnet from a block /56.

(3)Create Security Rules for Ingress and Egress IPv6 Traffic:

Ingress rule for all IPv6 Traffic:


Egress rule for all IPv6 Traffic:


(4)Default IPv6 Route:

In your Route Rules, there is already one IPv4 default route in place.

We will also need to add a default IPv6 route in. The option is same concept as your ipv4 default route.

Since it is for all ipv6 traffic, destination CIDR block is ::/0.


(5)Assign An IPv6 Address to your instance:

Go to you instance’s configuration page, which you will find Resources panel at the left of page.

Click Attached VNICs, then choose existing VNIC to click.


You can assign a new ipv6 or randomly let OCI assign one for you without entering anything, just click Assign button:


After a couple of seconds, one IPv6 address will be assigned to your VNIC.

(6)Acquire This IPv6 Address From Your VPS:



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